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Zach Cornell has been writing his own style of Americana since he began performing in the North Texas area in early 2016. His self-released 2018 EP, Leave This Town, took him from the local dive bars of Wichita Falls, Texas to larger venues and radio stations across the state. Inspired by such artists as Jim Croce, Jason Isbell, and Travis Tritt, Cornell's unique brand of Americana includes everything from gentle acoustic ballads to rowdy blues-rock songs.

In August of 2019, Zach set off for Nashville, Tennessee to further grow as a musician and songwriter. "I'd venture to call myself a storyteller. I grew up in a Texas town of just under 2,000 people, and it shaped the songs I listened to and the stories I eventually began to tell through my own songs. For this reason or that, I kept finding that more and more folks wanted to hear those stories, which I didn't really expect in the first couple of years. When you've got this dream and you start gaining a little ground, then there's a point where you've got to jump into a bigger pond and sink or swim. That's how I ended up in Nashville."

Though a large part of his initial touring was done solo, a fuller sound is on the horizon for the artist. Cornell has spent his first year in Nashville playing local venues across the city and co-writing with local artists, all while recording his first full-length studio album, slated to release in November 2020. The album, titled Devil’s Been Working, was recorded at Black Dog Recording in Nashville with Pete Jacobs and Dan Davis, and features twelve original songs written by Cornell. The first two singles from the album, Next to Mine and Simple, released on August 21 and September 18, respectively. 



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